About us

Brotherhood Oath consists of men who have the passion for helping and mentoring.

We want to provide the necessary life skills and support to young boys and men throughout metro Detroit. BHO fosters learning and intellectual excellence by working with professionals, educators and innovators to create a safe, fulfilling, and academically enriching environment. We will ensure young men contribute to the community in a positive manner.

We offer exclusive mentoring services for males between ages 8 to 23. We measure outcomes based on improvement in grades; test scores; attendance; behavior improvements; college readiness; and career readiness.
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Our vision

To be the innovative organization in mentoring life skills, services and various solutions that enable and transform the way young boys and men gather, manage, distribute and communicate information.


  • Everyone stop what you're doing and go like Brotherhood Oath Mentoring Services! These men are doing the opposite of what you see in the media about Detroit. They are helping boys become men! They need all of our support! Peace.

    Kristopher Jahi Crosby
  • It is amazing, what your organization has done in just this short time! This is a wonderful program and i hope, no i know, it will continue to grow and prosper!! Great Job Guys!!!

    Keylolo Totriplea‎
  • I love this

    Meme Green‎
  • Looking forward to seeing the difference you make in my young man's life. He is so excited you are around and really anticipating hanging out with you!

    Wendi Palmer‎