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The organization consists of men that have the passion for helping and mentoring. The Founders, Jason and David have been friends since middle school (over 20 years) and decided to pursue their dreams by giving back to the community in Metro-Detroit. They have over 15 years of mentoring experience, ranging from local church groups and Big Brothers and Big Sisters. This experience helped propel BHO into a reliable not-for- profit organization and mentoring service that will contribute to the overall community efforts to increase teen awareness on social, ethical and personal issues.

Young boy and his father.


Understanding the significance of men in society, we pledge to provide the necessary lifeskills and support to boys and young men throughout the Metropolitan Detroit Area. BHO fosters learning and intellectual excellence by working with professionals, educators, and innovators to create a safe, fulfilling, and academically enriching environment, aimed at producing men who contribute to their community in a positive manner.


To be the innovative mentoring organization providing lifeskills, services and various solutions that will enable and transform the way young boys and men gather, manage, distribute and communicate information.


  • Provide males (ages 8-23) with lifeskills in order to become more productive in the home, school and community.
  • Provide quality programs that create a learning environment and discipline nature for goal attainment.
  • Build young boys and men self-confidence by offering variety job training, resume’ workshops and corporate values to facilitate employment preparation.
  • Give back to the community by creating a strong culture of togetherness and justice to ensure programs foster positivity.
  • Help young boys and men learn grooming, proper clothing and ethical values that has to displayed in corporate America.

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